Band Bio

Since the spawn of his music career, Zero Kills has been evolving from the vision of front man/guitarist Jeremy Carr. In 2009, that vision came together. Past experiences and current constants in the world have been the driving force behind his will to create. The result: an explosive, provocative show intent on breaking boundaries.

In 2012, Zero Kills released the EP “Never Liked You Anyway” which was followed by a profound video to the title track. The video highlights media propaganda, sensationalism, political corruption, and raises awareness to a plethora of world issues during its 2:51 clock time.

The 2017 self-titled album is a new mix and master of the 2012 tracks intended for a press release. Jeremy returned to the studio to finish needed production of the material with sound engineer Jon Locker of Sonic Factory Studios in Des Moines, Iowa. Mastering engineer Howie Weinberg provided the final touches (well-known for his work on Nirvana’s Nevermind album and RHCP’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik). These tracks are the preface of a future, full-length album in progress.

Zero Kills successfully crosses many genres together (rock, punk, metal) keeping the listener guessing. The acoustic guitar will soon come to the forefront with a smashing rock ballad currently in the recording process at Sonic Factory Studios. This tune reaches every kind of listener as it touches delicately on the beautiful sadness of our reminiscent past. Stay tuned for this release.

ZK has an incessant nature of survival with Jeremy Carr’s vision and obsession continuing to evolve the project into a voice that cannot be ignored. His strong views on the world and passion for change keep him excited about invoking the minds of others. He also offers a look inside his own battles through an endless maze of discovery into many familiar places we all find ourselves in. The next chapter is soon to come…

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