This is the spiral of the end and all that begins. Create and destroy is the world in which we live in. Individuality is contagious and transparency can spread. We hide in our faces, captivity instead. You are what you have become, in your attempt to be someone. We have bloomed an infinite funnel of the spinning evacuations from the truth. What can be won and where do we lose? It is everywhere in our eager desperation and beneath our lonely stares. Disclose your secrets to the overlapping swells in which you build within. Wonder on your shame as it lingers shallow beneath your skin. Captivate your infesting disease, searing outward in your attempts to breathe. A persevering curiosity leaves us exposed to the mess. Left with our eyes pleading to confess. Enslaved to our fears and the fury of the man. We endure the inevitable till it’s all we can stand.


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